Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcome to HANA Harness

Welcome to the official blog of HANA Harness, a division of the Horseplayers Association of North America (HANA) which is specifically dedicated to issues regarding harness racing.   HANA has another blog which has a focus more towards thoroughbred racing but will discuss standardrbred racing periodically. 

We encourage you to visit our other blog as the issues which face one breed of racing typically applies to all breeds of horse racing.  HANA is not dedicated to any one breed of horse racing.  We represent all horseplayers  regardless of the breed of preference, be it Arabian, Quarter Horse, Standardbred, Thoroughbred, or another racing breed of horses.  If it involves horses (and even mule racing which is conducted in California and Oregon), we are there to represent the horseplayer.

For those not familiar with HANA, the question you may be asking is what is HANA?

HANA is a grass roots organization made up of horseplayers just like you.

We stand for:
  • Fair and open access to all track signals for all licensed ADWs.

  • Optimal Takeout levels - to maximize revenue for tracks, horsemen, and state coffers.
    Read HANA's position on takeout --click here--

  • Penalties for cheating that make the penalty a deterrent to cheating.

  • A modern secure tote system fast enough to deliver odds and payoffs in real time.

  • An environment where racing decision makers value input from the player and seek it out - because doing that improves racing's long term outlook.

For further information regarding HANA or to join, please visit our main site.

In the meanwhile we hope you come back and visit HANA Harness periodically as we plan to offer you opinions from horseplayers who love harness racing and want to see it thrive.


Anonymous said...

Hate to ask for something right after your launch, but I will.

Will you offer harness track ratings the way you do for the thoroughbreds?

HANA Harness said...

It is something we would like to do, but we need a volunteer to do it. it is in our plans to do so.