Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hambletonian Day Guaranteed Pools

With the Hambletonian being only a week away, the Meadowlands wants to let HANA Harness members know in advance what guarantees will be offered on the Hambletonian Day card.  The exciting news is Exacta players get the opportunity to share in the excitement of guaranteed pools as they will be offering one guaranteed Exacta on the race card.

Here are the guarantees being offered (the race numbers are based on presumption of a fifteen race card).

  • Early Pick 5 (Races 1-5) with a 15% take out - $25,000 guarantee
  • Early Pick 4 (Races 6-9) with a 15% take out - $50,000 guarantee
  • Late Pick 5 (Races 8-12) with a 15% take out - $25,000 guarantee
  • Late Pick 4 (Races 12-15) with a 15% take out - $200,000 guarantee
  • 12th race Exacta will feature a $200,000 guaranteed pool.

With the expanded race card, there will be some additional wagering opportunities made available.  As indicated above, an extra Pick 5 has been added to the race card starting with the 8th race.  The traditional Hambletonian Oaks - Hambletonian Daily Double will be offered on races 11 and 12 and additional Pick 3s will be offered with the expanded race card. 

Here is the projected wagering menu for exotic wagers based on a 15 race card. 

Exacta and Trifecta - All races
Superfecta - All races except the final race (15th race)
Super High Five - Last race (15th race)
Daily Double - Beginning with the 1st, 11th, and 14th race
Pick 3 - Beginning with the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 13th race
Pick 4 - Beginning with the 6th and 12th race
Pick 5 - Beginning with the 1st and 8th race
Pick 6 - Beginning with the 4th race



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