Monday, April 29, 2013

They're Off!

HANA Harness' 2013 Grand Circuit Handicapping Challenge has kicked off and while it is certainly too early to make any assumptions, on whose winning or who has the best method of handicapping, one of the contestants made a comment regarding what he liked about the contest.  He mentioned it was you can see how people did the previous night to see what strategies work and which don't because you an always learn.

That's because the smartest gambler knows their handicapping method can always use fine tuning.  For example, betting these Grand Circuit events tend to be different from overnight races so you may need to change your gambling approach accordingly.    For example, one gambler collected on three trifecta plays one day, only to net a profit $14.70.  Meanwhile, another horseplayer made just two win wagers to profit $93.00.

So as the gambler said, why not check out the handicapping challenge on Grand Circuit race days to see what the handicappers select and just as importantly, check back the next day to see how their plays panned out.

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