Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Northfield Park Offering Guaranteed $100K Pick-5 Tonight

From Northfield Park's press release....
Northfield Park will guarantee the largest pool in its history with the addition of a $100,000 guaranteed Pick 5 on Wednesday night. The $100,000 guarantee will begin in race three and include a carryover of $29,190.
Northfield Park's Pick 5, Pick 4 and the Pick 3s offer a reduced takeout rate of just 14 percent.
Wednesday's post time will be at 6:30 p.m., EDT.
For more information, including selections visit the USTA's Strategic Wagering Program page.

In Case You Missed it:

Thanks to HANA supporters who voted for the races they would like to see in the late Pick-4 at Western Fair on Friday night.  With the poll results, the races which will comprise the late Pick-4 with the $10,000 guaranteed pool (15% take out) are:

 Race 9 - Mr. Brown Memorial Pace (Preferred)
Race 10 - OSS Gold 3yo Filly Pace 
Race 11 - Filly and Mares Preferred
Race 12 - Molson Invitational Pace

Speaking of the Molson Invitational, it has turned into an interesting race with the appearance of Foiled Again, Aracache Hanover, A Rocknroll Dance, and Betterthancheddar committed to the race plus others.  It promises to be an exciting race even with the half mile specialist Foiled Again drawing the rail for at the age of nine, his dominance over the best in his division must be diminishing somewhat.
Elsewhere on the web, there is this commentary about the Molson

In case you have missed it on HANA's  main blog, Grand River Raceway in Ontario is cutting their takeout rates across the board.  Isn't it ironic that it took the loss of slot revenue to get a track to lower their takeout rates?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pick the Molson Pace Pick-4 Sequence

As in recent years, The Raceway at Western Fair District is allowing readers of this blog to select three legs of the late Pick-4 on Molson Pace night (May 31), closing night of the 2013 spring meeting.

The Pick-4 has a 15% takeout with a guaranteed pool of $10,000 and starts with Race 9.  With the exception of the fourth and final leg which will be the $150,000 Molson Pace Invitational, it is up to you to pick the races you would like to see included.

Won't you help select the other three legs?  Just take this brief one question survey and the results will be forwarded to Western Fair District prior to the card being assembled.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

HANA Members to Pick the Sequence on Molson Pace Day

Once again, the folks at The Raceway at Western Fair District will be asking HANA members to create the sequence for the $10,000 guaranteed late Pick-4 sequence on Molson Pace Day, Friday, May 31.

A poll will be created with a choice of races to make up three of the four legs of the Pick-4 (the $150,000 Molson Pace Invitational will be the last race in the sequence, the twelfth race.

Western Fair District has some other wagering opportunities available on the evening's program.  The early Pick-4 will feature a $5,000 guarantee and there will be two Super Hi-5 wagers.  The seventh race will feature a nine-horse field and a pool seeded with $3,500 while the Molson Invitational will also have a Super High-5.  Both Pick-4s and Super High-5s feature a 15% takeout, making them great wagering opportunities.