Sunday, May 4, 2014

Are You Watching?

If you have been following the HANA Harness Grand Circuit Handicapping Challenge thus far, you will have seen some great hits in the few contest dates already contested.

For example, Friday afternoon at Freehold Raceway, Gordon Waterstone of The Horsemen magazine focused on the second division of the Lady Suffolk and took advantage of the short field to wheel the 1-9 favorite Cee Bee Yes in the exacta and connected with 35-1 Pinking of You for a $540 profit on a $40 Exacta wheel.  On Saturday, Bob Zanakis was the hot one playing the Dexter Cup as a fifty cent superfecta partial wheel earned a profit of $165,15 on a $60 investment and his $25 Exacta key earned him a net profit of $275 on an investment of $100.  Will there be a big winner with the Grand Circuit races at Miami Valley Raceway tonight?

I am not saying every night will have a breakout hit, but it is clear with the revamped contest, HANA Harness' site is a site worth visiting.

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