Sunday, May 1, 2016

Survey Says Gamblers are their own Worst Enemy

The survey concerning the sixth race at Pocono Downs on April 19 is now closed and the results are in.  Once again, let me remind you this was an unscientific poll with limited results.  Thanks to all who participated in the survey.

One thing from the survey is certain.  The race results should never had stood official as posted.  No one agreed the race had a clean start.  Sadly, the vast majority of the respondents felt gamblers won't do anything about this as they are accepting of poor decisions, chalking this up to a bad beat.

The first question was: Concerning the 6th Race at Pocono Downs, the judges should have:

  • Not let the starting gate move before it was fully extended - 15.38% 
  • Should have called for a reformation - 61.54%
  • Being a recall couldn't be called as per the starting judge the race should have been called 'no-contest' -  23.08% 
  • What was the problem, I didn't see anything wrong - 0.00%
One comment given in response to this question.  It was: Pennsylvania has recalls for interference.  This was interference.

With all agreeing the race should never have been left as it did, the respondents were asked one final question, what would happen as a result of this incident.  

Specifically, the question was: If you think the gambler was not treated well in this incident.... 
  • This is going to cost them racing fans - 15.38%
  • Nothing is going to happen because the gambler is used to abuse by poor officiating and [this] will be chalked up as this is 'part of the game' - 76.92%
  • Horseplayers are going to be done with Pocono Downs - 7.69%
  • I don't think the gambler was mistreated - 0.00%
Once again, a comment was given in response to this question.  It was: I wish stuff like this would cost harness racing "fans", but unfortunately this was a Pocono where there are no "fans", no bettors either.

While I won't be so dismissive of those who wager on Pocono Downs, one thing is clear.  Until punters vote with their dollars to tell track management and officials, "These types of bad calls are unacceptable", these bad calls will continue as is.  It appears we are our own worst enemies.

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